The history of the Del Vacchio family in the tanning industry began almost half a century ago. Specifically, in the 1970s, with Francesco Del Vacchio. Twenty years later, from the experience gained and passed on to his sons Eugenio and Luigi, the Del Vacchio tannery rose in Solofra. Since its foundation, the Del Vacchio Leather tannery has made technology the means to enhance the heritage of craft skills settled in the corporate collective. The Del Vacchio family believes it is essential to preserve the skills passed on for generations in the Solofra tanning district with the sole aim of creating sustainable value for society and the environment.

This is to offer their customers a department able to respond promptly to product and style needs while creating tailor-made items.

In Del Vacchio Leather, craftsmanship is sovereign. Creativity and knowledge passed down from one generation to another are its real strengths.
The company bases its aesthetic research on manual skills, using technology as a means of expressing business potential.

Working in the fashion system for Del Vacchio means giving life to high quality items, able to provide designers with a creative input.

The whole world is inspired by the products of our land, by the care in the choice of the raw material and by the seeking of the highest quality.
Creativity defines and influences each step of the production of valuable artefacts that are essentially the truest expression of people's creativity, which is an essential value for Del Vacchio Leather.

This is why the company collective is constantly committed to give its creative and technological input to the Italian and international fashion system market.
“Solofra has always been a great city with a craftsman's vocation. Here we treasure part of the tanning art that makes Italy great in the world.”