Tanners Since 1970

The history of the Del Vacchio family in the world of tanning began in the 1970s with Francesco del Vacchio. Twenty years later, together with his sons Eugenio and Luigi, he founded the Del Vacchio Leather Diffusion tannery in Solofra, specializing in sheep and goat skin tanning for leather goods, footwear and clothing.

Since its foundation, the company's priority is to produce leather of exceptional quality, placing ethics at the basis of every business decision. The added value of our products is the creativity of master craftsmen who put technology at the service of their manual skills. In this way, they create unique pieces, true emblems of Made in Italy, capable of offering creative and technological input to the Italian and international fashion system market.

Global market

Our goal is to bring craftsmanship and creativity around the world. We are indeed aimed at the global market and carefully follow all its evolutions in order to satisfy and anticipate its needs.

The study of new tanning processes and creative proposals results in collections that are presented at the world's biggest trade fairs every year. The experience built up abroad has allowed us to come into contact with different types of customers and needs as well as to strengthen our know-how.

Del Vacchio Leather Diffusion is now present on 3 continents and boasts a network of agents in the USA, Hong Kong, Korea, Milan and Paris.