Industry 4.0

Industrial automation has accompanied Del Vacchio Tannery's growth process, helping optimize processes and enhance the value of leather. The company has made significant investments in interconnection solutions that allow to:

  • digitize processes to obtain operational information in real time;

  • automate the drum department to control and manage processing times and water loads;

  • automatically feed chemicals to optimize their use, limiting waste and pollution load.

This allows all resources to be used more efficiently and minimizes environmental impact. Workers are also exposed to fewer health and safety risks. Thanks also to the implementation of special training plans in our tannery, no accidents have ever occurred.

Del Vacchio Leather Diffusion uses systems capable of tracing every batch with the aid of computer technology that stores every phase of the tanning process up to the finished product.
We are also able to obtain the product's RE-TRACEABILITY retrospectively, providing all information regarding its production to guarantee that the raw leather comes from ethically acceptable and sustainable sources.

Besides being an ethical choice, the opportunity to trace the hides and skins also allows for better quality of the raw leather for an excellent finished product.