Efficiency & Sustainability

Industry 4.0

Industrial automation has accompanied Del Vacchio Tannery’s growth process, helping optimize processes and enhance the value of leather. The company has made significant investments in interconnection solutions that allow to:

  • digitize processes to obtain operational information in real time;
  • automate the drum department to control and manage processing times and water loads;
  • automatically feed chemicals to optimize their use, limiting waste and pollution load.

This allows all resources to be used more efficiently and minimizes environmental impact.

Zero accidents at work

Automation and the adoption of interconnection solutions significantly reduce risks to the health and safety of workers. Thanks to the implementation of specific training plans, our tannery has never recorded any accidents.

This commitment not only protects our artisans, but also represents an important step towards more sustainable production, showing that occupational safety and environmental sustainability can go hand in hand.

Innovation for safety

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Certified leathers, a guarantee of quality and ethics

Track & Trace

Del Vacchio Leather Diffusion implements advanced computer systems that track each batch, recording every phase of the tanning process up to the finished product. This approach guarantees complete traceability, making it possible to verify, even after the fact, that the raw hides come from ethically acceptable and sustainable sources.

We are able to obtain the traceability of the product even after the fact, providing all the information with respect to its production to ensure that the raw hides come from ethically acceptable and sustainable sources.

Traceability is not only an ethical choice, but also ensures a higher quality of raw materials, resulting in a finished product of excellence. This practice strengthens our position, improving customer trust and promoting a transparent and accountable supply chain.

Research & Development

Advanced tanning solutions

To ensure ever higher quality, Del Vacchio Leather Diffusion constantly invests in human resources and cutting-edge technologies.

Our research department is dedicated to the development of advanced tanning solutions, aimed not only at improving the performance of the finished product and its aesthetic result, but also at promoting sustainability at every stage of production.

Our goal is to provide customers with a highly responsive service, capable of meeting product and style needs through the development of customized items. Our initiatives improve efficiency, reduce costs and optimize the use of resources, while ultimately helping to reduce the environmental impact of our manufacturing process.