The idea of innovation of Del Vacchio Leather features looking at the most advanced technology always as a means, and never as an end. The choice to endorse this feature comes from the need to set a melting point between industry and craftsmanship that is the synthesis of the truest expression of people's creativity and manual skills. The company has always set human value as the fulcrum of its business. And it is also for this reason that the foundation for every choice is the goal of sustainability, to grow within the community in which it operates and to ensure that the environment will have improved year by year, thus becoming able to be passed to future generations.

Traceability as a synonym of quality and safety and as a great project of energetic self-sustaining .

The Del Vacchio Leather company uses systems able to trace every batch with the aid of computer technologies that memorize every process of the tanning manufacture up to the finished item.

Thus, we can achieve, even retrospectively, the TRACKING of the item, providing all information regarding its production, which is a key element to meet the needs of the fashion industry.

In 2010, in accordance with the commitment to environmental sustainability, they set up a photovoltaic system with the aim of reaching a complete self-handling in the near future.

This ambitious project by Del Vacchio Leather is constantly developing thanks to the progressive expansion of renewable energy production plants. In addition to this, an improvement of energy efficiency and optimization of its consumption is assiduously searched.

“Our commitment to creating high quality products follows different paths but with a single destination: sustainability.“