The Del Vacchio Leather tannery is provided with a well-equipped internal laboratory, which guarantees that the production requirements are met by performing chemical-physical tests for each batch.

Some of the tests we carry out are:

  • xeno test;
  • flexometer test;
  • high-tensile stress tests;
  • rip test;
  • migration test;
  • veslic test;
  • water drop test.
The daily commitment of Del Vacchio Leather and its artisans is to provide the fashion industry with quality and creativity.
The items by Del Vacchio tannery are treated in every single detail by our craftsmen and their careful attention.

Furthermore, to guarantee that the customers' production requirements are met, the company is equipped with an internal laboratory to perform qualitative chemical-physical tests on each batch .

However, the quality of our items is not limited to the tanning process: we use, indeed, fully traceable first-rate materials.

Del Vacchio Leather is certified by ICEC (Institute of Quality Certification for the Leather Industry) with the following licences:

We have also adopted the Leather Working Group (LWG) environmental audit protocol in line with our responsibility to protect the environment.

“America, Europe and Asia are captivated by the Italian textile article, by our lifestyle and our uniqueness. Clearly, these people expect us to provide very special items....”