Our commitment to the future

Pioneers in leather technology for a sustainable future

The tanning process is sustainable and circular by nature as it takes a huge amount of waste out of disposal, reducing its impact on the environment. Del Vacchio Leather Diffusion has adopted an integrated circular model, learning to manage its waste in a virtuous way.

Tanned leather waste is delivered to plants that transform it into hydrolyzed gelatin for agricultural use, a nitrogenous organic fertilizer used in both conventional and organic agriculture. This low environmental impact process allows the recovery of all the residue delivered, without generating waste.

The eco-friendly choice for quality leathers

The commitment to sustainability is reflected in the tanning process. The company is progressively adopting a green tanning free of heavy metals, gradually replacing chrome processing. Currently, three different types of tanning are offered: chrome, vegetable and metal-free white. This prospect of a more eco-friendly future underlines the crucial role of the tanning industry in pursuing environmental and social sustainability goals.

Green tanning

Circularity & Sustainable Economy

The tanning sector fully embodies the principles of the circular and sustainable economy, recovering hides from slaughter waste from the food industry and giving new life to tanning waste.

In addition, it is actively committed to the proper treatment of wastewater and chemicals, promotes transparency in the traceability of raw materials and constantly invests in renewable energy sources, technologies and innovation. A constant and concrete look towards a more eco-friendly future.

Water Mixing and Dosing System

To maximize tanning efficiency and safeguard water resources, the Del Vacchio tannery has implemented the Swiss mixing and dosing system AQUAMIX. Thanks to this technology, it has been possible to reduce water consumption by 20-30%, demonstrating a concrete commitment to waste reduction and environmental sustainability that the tanning sector has as its primary objective.

impianto fotovoltaico
Towards energy independence

Photovoltaics & Renewable Energy

In 2010, the company installed a photovoltaic system which, until 2022, generated 90,000 kWh of energy, contributing to a reduction in CO2 emissions of 47,700 kg. The continuous expansion of renewable energy plants is a fundamental pillar for the Company in pursuing the goal of total energy self-sufficiency.

CO2 emitted
- 0 K
Energy produced
0 K Kwh

This commitment highlights the crucial importance of energy sustainability in the tanning sector. In addition, to optimize consumption, Del Vacchio Leather Diffusion regularly updates its machinery and uses an energy-efficient lighting system.